Klassic Statement® is a unique, high quality jewelry brand founded by E.L. Allen and has been family owned since inception in 2009.  We are an online retailer headquartered in the Chicagoland area in the United States with loyal customers worldwide.  Since our beginning, we have become the brand known for unique, exclusive, one-of-a-kind,  and limited edition jewelry for men that require distinct wrist-wear, necklaces and accessories.  All of our products are exclusive and only available at www.klassicstatement.com  


Is to create the best, most unique bracelets, necklaces and accessories on the market at a reasonable price.  Our goal is to enable men to display an unmatched debonair sense of style and class without uttering a single word.  


We provide the highest quality, best service, and most unique designs available on the market.  We aim to provide our customers with the absolute best experience, and a feeling of euphoria when receiving a piece of Klassic Statement jewelry.  Simply put! we design and manufacturer the best, most unique, jewelry and accessories for men today!


High Quality Handcrafted Products
Unique - Limited Edition Designs
100% Money Back Guarantee
Free Delivery - Worldwide